Best Vegan Ham Recipe


This vegan ham is the best vegetarian alternative to real ham made with wheat gluten and tofu! Delicious juicy meaty Tofurky style seitan roast recipe for your plant based holiday meal or slice as deli meat for ham sandwiches! So easy!

How to make  Vegan Ham

Drain tofu wrap in paper bowl squeeze out extra moisture with your hands. Break into chunks and add to food processor with rest of ingredients EXCEPT GLUTEN and process until smooth like a puree.

Now add vital wheat gluten evenly over the top and mix until just combined, it’s ok if you see a bit of flour on top. Turn dough onto counter and knead 20-25 times and form into a ham shaped loaf.

Wrap tightly and completely with a large piece of tin foil and place in a steamer insert of a steamer pot. Steam. 1. While ham is steaming preheat oven to 375° and whisk the glaze ingredients together in a small bowl and set aside.

Unwrap ham, place on cutting board. Score the ham in a crisscross pattern and decorate with whole cloves if desired. Place in a small casserole dish pour over the maple mustard glaze. Bake!

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