Vegan Turkey Recipe


This is the Best Vegan Turkey Recipe! Moist, flavourful with the perfect chew. Serve for your holiday main course with gravy or sliced as deli meat for your favourite veggie sandwich.

How to make  Vegan Turkey

Start by adding all the ingredients (except vital wheat gluten) to your food processor: chickpeas, water, bouillon, Braggs, seasonings, sesame oil and nutritional yeast. Process until smooth.

Add in the vital wheat gluten. Mix by hand until combined. Then kneed the dough 10-15 times. Shape into a log.

Place the turkey roll into the steamer part and fill the base of the pot with the veggie stock. Cover with the lid and bring to a boil on high heat. Reduce to a good simmer and cook for 1 hour. Baste after 30 minutes.

Once done remove the turkey loaf and cool on cutting board for 10 minutes. Slice thinly and serve.

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