Absolute Best Vegan Cabbage Rolls


Vegan Cabbage rolls! My vegetarian take on traditional stuffed cabbage recipe made vegan! with impossible meat. Taste just like moms! Perfect easy weeknight comfort food for the whole family. No one will believe it’s meatless!

To make vegan cabbage rolls

Start by mixing tomato sauce ingredients in large bowl. Set aside

Next make meat filling for cabbage rolls: Add fried onions, garlic, to a bowl with raw vegan ground beef, cooked rice and rest of ingredients. Mix it up!

Now cook cabbage: core head of cabbage and cook in boiling water, pulling off leaves as they soften

To assemble cabbage rolls: Place some filling in cabbage leaf. Roll up burrito style

Place stuffed cabbage rolls seam side down in casserole dish

Pour tomato sauce over cabbage rolls. Cover dish with tin foil and Bake!

Serve and enjoy your vegan cabbage rolls! Perfect fall and winter comfort food!