Best Vegan Hot Dogs!


This easy vegan hot dog recipe is my vegetarian alternative to real hot-dogs made of seitan that taste incredibly authentic, juicy meaty and better than store bought vegan frankfurters by far!

To make Vegan Hot Dogs

Stary by blending wet ingredients in food processor for hot dogs

Now add vital wheat gluten to the wet mix in food processor. Pulse to combine to make Seitan

Shape Seitan dough into a log shape

Portion the seitan dough for hot dogs into 12 or 16 pieces

Rolll the portioned seitan dough into hot dog shapes and wrap in tin foil, tootsie roll style

Steam the vegan Frankfurters in steamer pot

Once steamed unwrap vegan hot dogs and enjoy right away! OR....turn page

Add the vegan frankfurters to a marinade in a large ziplock bag for even more authentic flavour!

Pan fry or grill JUICY vegan  frankfurters on bbq. Serve in hot dog buns with your favourite condiments! and ENJOY!  SO GOOD!